Power for powerless Men – Tongkat Ali

Power for powerless Men – Tongkat Ali 

This Asian herb has been long known to be the herbal viagra. Its abilities to improve sexuality function make its popularity among men and other couple who is, somehow, lost the fire. As men age, they tend to experience a condition related to reduced testosterone production called andropause which causes a number of serious problems. Conditions linked to andropause include lack of libido, reduced levels of energy, increased body fat and mental fatigue. As a middle aged man, I am fully aware of the difficulties that these conditions can cause. It is not fun when you realize that you are not the man that you once were and that many of the things that you took for granted are now more of a struggle. 

There are best traditionally known benefits of Tongkat Ali in Men. 
The root of tongkat ali has been used to increase testosterone levels for a very long time indeed. It contains chemical compounds that studies have repeatedly shown can increase testosterone levels. An increase in testosterone has many beneficial knock-on effects for sexual performance, muscle growth and semen production. 
A Malaysian study published in 2012 took 76 men of whom only 35% had testosterone levels in the normal range. Following a month of treatment with Tongkat ali, this number rose dramatically to above 90%. (1) 

There is some evidence that as well as boosting testosterone levels, tongkat ali can also improve sperm quality and therefore help treat male fertility issues. 
A study published in 2010 observed the changes in sperm quality in 75 men who were given 200mgs of tongkat ali each day for three months. Sperm quality improved significantly in these patients and 15% of participants reported spontaneous pregnancies following the treatment. (2) 

Tongkat ali is probably best-known and most used for its aphrodisiac qualities. It has long been used in South East Asia to help deal with low levels of libido and more recently a number of predominantly animal studies have demonstrated that it does have libido enhancing potential. 
There are plenty more studies involving animals that have elicited promising results but does tongkat ali have the same effect on humans? 
There is no scientific evidence for the claims that tongkat ali proponents make so apart from the animal research we have to rely on anecdotal evidence and traditional usage. 
Certainly many users have consistently reported that tongkat ali was an effective aphrodisiac and its ability to boost testosterone levels would indicate that it may be an effective option. Users have reported a much higher sex drive, longer lasting erections, stronger ejaculation and better sex in general. 

Tongkat ali is a popular natural supplement among weightlifters and body builders who are looking to change their muscle to fat ratio. However, you don’t need to be a serious athlete to benefit from the potential improvements in body composition that tongkat ali can provide. 
Because of the increase in testosterone that tongkat ali gives you, it can also help you to lose fat and gain lean body mass. This will have an even greater effect if you are exercising regularly. 
A promising Malaysian study published in 2002 demonstrated that tongkat ali had the potential to improve lean body mass. In this double blind study, 7 men were given 100 mgs of tongkat ali extract each day with the other 7 participants being given a placebo for a 5 week period. 
The men in the tongkat ali group experienced a 5% increase in their lean body mass and a significant reduction in body fat. 

Low levels of testosterone can increase the chances of developing weak and brittle bones – a condition called osteoporosis. Many minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin D help to reduce the risk of the disease. 
Tongkat ali’s ability to increase testosterone levels means that it could be an important weapon in the fight against osteoporosis and help maintain bone strength and health. 

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